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About Us

Our Background

Founded in New Brunswick in 2021, ClimaTech Innovations came from an original idea of how we can be leveraging our local forests to help improve the global climate challenges we are all facing

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We will keep our promises and work hard to earn the trust of our partners, customers, neighbours, and the general public.

We are going to take immediate action because we know what needs to be done and we are not going to wait around for rules to change.

We will  strive to continually improve for our communities, our neighbours, our customers, and our environment.

We are committed to transparency in an industry that sometimes seems fuzzy. We will answer all your questions and be like an open book to help everyone understand climate action and how we do things here.

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Our Vision

To become the best climate action provider locally so that we can do the most good globally. 

Competition in this sector benefits the greater good and that by striving to be the best we are pushing ourselves to maximize the global benefits of climate action. 

We see doing the most good as a multi faceted goal.

We strive to make climate action easy for our customers, to provide understandable and tangible solutions, and improve everyday

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Sustainability in Your Backyard!

For years, the easiest way for companies to offset their carbon footprint was to buy carbon credits that supported tree-planting and forest preservation in faraway locations. But at ClimaTech Innovations, we asked ourselves: why not invest in our own communities instead?

When you partner with us to achieve your company's sustainability goals, you're not just supporting the environment - you're also investing in your local community. Our goal is to plant and maintain forests near your operations where ever in Atlantic Canada that may be. This way your employees and other stakeholders can see and feel the impact of your commitment to sustainability.

By choosing ClimaTech Innovations, you can have your cake (sustainability) and eat it too (become a local champion). We're excited to work with you and help create a more sustainable future for all.

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Let's Start Planting!

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