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Making Business Sustainability Simple, Tangible, and Accessible.

Track, Analyze, and Reduce Your Companies Carbon Footprint to Take the First Step Towards Climate Action.

  • Measure the green house gas emissions of your company

  • Reduce your impact in line with science based targets

  • Offset your emissions with forests in your backyard

Your Climate Action, Strategically Planned

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Accurately determining your carbon footprint, turning complex data into easy-to-understand figures.
Minimize your emissions and bring about tangible changes in your environmental impact.
Opportunities for you to offset your emissions, ensuring transparency and authenticity in every action you take.

ClimaTech Innovations is a trusted partner of many

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About ClimaTech Innovations


ClimaTech Innovations is a New Brunswick based carbon footprint analysis and carbon offsetting business. Through its platform the CTI Hub, ClimaTech helps leading businesses to measure and improve their environmental and social impact as well as track and implement offsetting action close to home.

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