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Make local forests your competitive advantage

simple, local, tangible ways for your business to make a global difference

Make a Difference: Welcome
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All Businesses are going to feel the pressure to help the earth

The coming tide

there is a shift underway in how consumers are viewing the companies they buy from and interact with. People more than ever want interact with buisnesses that are good corportate citizens. They look for a company that treats their employees well, that operate in ethical manners and are taking action to help fight climate change. This is a trend that can already be seen and is expected to accelerate in the coming years

Make a Difference: About

What are the Current Options

Buy Carbon Credits

Complicated; new concept; not well understood by most; hard to market to general public

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Not completely possible; only part of the solution. Will never be carbon neutral doing this alone

Support global tree planting projects

Hard for customers to relate to; cannot see/touch the results

Do Nothing

Lose market share; get left behind; not sustainable for businesses

Make a Difference: List

What We Do

How we help you by helping the world

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We provide local solutions for local companies to mitigate their carbon footprint

For every 25 cups a coffee shop sells, we can plant a tree

We can plant 100 trees for every new home built to replace to ones used to build the home

We can protect an acre of forest for every 2 vehicles a car dealership sells to offset the emissions from those cars

For every box of beer sold by a brewery, we can plant a tree

For every 500,000 miles a transport carrier travels we can restore an acre of forest

Grow new Forests in your backyard

All forests are local to you, and we have a goal of planting trees within 30 minutes of all partnered businesses. We want everyone to be able to easily get out and enjoy and walk through the impact they are having and to see how they are helping change the world. Planting new trees allows land that has been discarded turned into lucious beautiful forests

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Preserve at risks forests

Another way to make your impact is to lock up already grown and developed forest to protect them and help accelerate their growth. This method allows for an immediate fully developed forest that can be enjoyed very quickly. Our intention with all properties is to build hiking trails and provide information on the forest to allow everyone to enjoy the properties and see the impact your business is having.

Make a Difference: Features
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The Value we provide

Make a Difference: Services

Use your forests to demonstrate your climate pledge and the good your business is doing

Consumers, Goverments, and other buisnesses are putting pressure on buisnesses like yours to be taking climate action. Your forests and your trees are one of the best ways to show this commitment while having an impact that everyone in our community can enjoy

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Sign on the planting site + our marketing material

We want everyone to know that your businesses was responsible for the good of protecting and growing forests. That is why all properties will have a large sign with your logo showing that it was your business taking this action

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Forest is opened to be visited anytime and we want employees to come and see their impact

We want you, your employees and the public to come and visit the locations and get out and enjoy nature. All properties will have hiking trails throughout them and we have a priority of choosing locations that have easy access to get the maximum number of people out and walking through the forest your company helped create

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100% accountability as we can take you and show you every tree

Traditional carbon offsetting projects have struggled with unfounded claims about the scale of the impact they were having. By having projects close to your buisness we can take anyone and show them where every tree that has paid for has actually gone in the ground allowing you to feel comfortable that you are making a real impact

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Access to our tree tracking software + quarterly updates on the progress of the forest

Every tree that is purchased and planted in the ground is tracked through our custom Climatech Dashboard. This software allows you to see the location on a map of every single tree and get insight into the health and growth rates of each tree

Aerial Forest Shot


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We work with you to determine the best course of action to reach your climate goals, with minimal resources required on your side


We are targeting a goal of under 30 minutes for any buisness to visit their trees. We want them close to you so its easy to see the difference your making


No Ambiguity on whether what is being claimed is actually happening. Come and see and touch every tree that you helped so you can be sure everything is as it claims

Make a Difference: Features

Win Win Win

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General Public

  • Offset their carbon footprint by buying from local businesses that have made a commitment to plant trees

  • Feeling of Social Satisfaction knowing they are doing the right thing

  • People feel good about planting trees

Image by Miguel Ángel Sanz

Partner Businesses

  • Increased sales due to society's desire to stop climate change

  • Long term visibility into the forests they help improve

  • Offset their carbon footprint by investing in tree planting

Image by Juan Ravagli

ClimaTech Innovations

  • Develop otherwise unused unproductive properties into new forests

  • Growth of the business through land acquisitions

Make a Difference: Services
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Our Returns on Investment

Make a Difference: Features
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Social Returns

All projects are assessed to see if they bring a positive influence to the community and neighbors of the land and that they have local support. We plan to have these projects last forever, guaranteeing forested areas for future generations.

Environmental Returns

ClimaTech only enters into a project where the project is determined to have a positive environmental impact. This means that throughout the life of the project it must take more carbon from the atmosphere than it emits thus having a positive environmental return.

Image by Matt Artz

Our Extra Value

What we include with all of our land management projects

Image by Tushar Rathour

Approved by all local stakeholders

For all of our projects we seek the approval of the local community and stakeholders in and affected by the land. We run our projects with the highest level of respect for the land and its history

Image by Alessio Soggetti


Through remote sensing using satellites and drones, we continuously monitor our projects to ensure they are meeting our targets. As well we have video cameras and actions cams to capture photos of wildlife and interesting locations on the property live for everyone to see

Image by Austin Ban

Usage for the public

We don't want to lock our land away instead we want to make it useful to the public. We plan to have walking trails and other similar attractions to give people a reason to come use our land and learn about our mission. As well we plan to partner with local universities to allow scientific research to happen on the same land that is capturing carbon

Image by Roman Kraft

Story about every plot

Every piece of land has a history and a story that we intend to share. Through our constant monitoring of the land we plan to keep the public and all stakeholders informed monthly of  a wide variety of information, everything from how much carbon has it captured to what type of animals have we seen this month to how many people have gotten to enjoy the land

Make a Difference: Features


What do you do during the Winter?

partner businesses and ClimaTech will ensure that commitments to plant trees from sales in the fall and winter months will be honored as soon as the spring and suitable planting conditions arrive

Where are the trees planted?

ClimaTech looks to acquire lands that need rehabilitation close to the home of the partner businesses. This way, local sales will rehabilitate local forests.

How can I get involved?

Please reach out to us with the form below and we would be happy to chat. Looking forward to hearing from you

Make a Difference: FAQ

Consumer Habits


believe contributing to climate action is fundamentally important


of young people are willing to pay higher prices for environmentally friendly products.


already pay attention to information on the CO2 emissions of products, especially in the cases of food and cosmetics

Make a Difference: Infographics

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Make a Difference: Contact

Align your Business with The UN sustainability Goals

Make a Difference: Features
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