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Real, Actionable Sustainability

Empower Your Business with Data-Driven Carbon Insights and Achieve a Greener Future

  • Measure the green house gas emissions of your company

  • Reduce your impact in line with science based targets

  • Offset your emissions with forests in your backyard




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We measure the environmental impact of your business, covering
- Scope 1 Direct Emissions
- Scope 2 Indirect Emissions
- Scope 3 Supply Chain Emissions

Our robust methodology and precise calculations adhere to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, an internationally recognized standard. This ensures accurate and accountable assessment of your company's ecological impact.

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We carefully pinpoint opportunities tailored to your business that would effectively reduce your emissions. This involves providing detailed estimates regarding implementation costs and offering strategic projections on how these opportunities can minimize your carbon footprint. 

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We provide homegrown solutions to offset your company's carbon footprint right here in Canada. We are actively engaged in the creation of hiking trails and nature parks within carbon offsetting forests. Through these initiatives, we're not only sequestering carbon but also transforming these spaces into accessible areas for everyone to enjoy. This serves as a dual benefit: promoting environmental stewardship while enhancing community engagement with nature.

The Value

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New Insights

Get Insights from a new way to measure you company and its operations.

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Green Marketing

Meet the growing demand from customers and employees to be doing something about the environment.

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Demonstrate Action

Take real tangible action that you can understand and trust is making an impact.

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Built on trusted methodologies

Our methodology is built on the GHG protocol for core parts of the calculation. We feel this is important to use trusted and respected carbon emissions calculations so that our customers can feel confidence in the reporting.

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Boosts Precision and Reliability of Carbon Footprint Analysis

Our carbon footprint process includes data enhancement to boost accuracy and reliability. We consider a range of unique factors that you won't find elsewhere, such as examining the geography of your business/operations via GIS to develop more precise calculations of cargo movements.

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+- Measurement of Emissions Data

We acknowledge that it is virtually impossible to provide an exact number for emissions data; therefore, we are committed to providing a plus minus on all of our measurements. We want to ensure that our reporting is accurate, and that it takes into account the fact that assumptions are unavoidable when calculating a carbon footprint.


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