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Do you want to help your trees thrive The Silivshield is a device we created to provide newly planted trees a higher chance of survival. It's a circular disc composed of waste paper that's placed around newly planted plants. The Silivshield keeps weeds and other competing plants from growing over and around the newly planted tree. It also includes fertilizers embedded in it, which slowly deliver nutrients to the tree over a three-year period. The Silivshield is a low-cost device that will ensure your trees thrive.


  • Efficient Tree Support: Supports the planted tree by choking out competition and acting as a source of fertilizer
  • EcoFriendly: Using waste tree material to help accelerate the growth of more trees
  • Local: A local company that plans to employ and manufacture locally 
  • Cost-Effective: Every Tree is an investment, the Silvishield helps ensure it is a succesful one.


Currently all sales are preorders with an expected delivery of early summer



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