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Growing new forest to fight climate change

Image by Oksana Manych

Making New forests

Our restoration service plants trees on behalf of your company to help you offset your carbon footprint. The trees are planted within 30 minutes of your business, and offer simple, local climate action that you can see and touch. Establish your business as a leader in sustainability and make a difference in your community and the world.



We work with you to determine the best course of action to reach your climate goals, with minimal resources required on your side


We are targeting a goal of under 30 minutes for any buisness to visit their trees. We want them close to you so its easy to see the difference your making


No Ambiguity on whether what is being claimed is actually happening. Come and see and touch every tree that you helped so you can be sure everything is as it claims

Image by Michael Krahn
Image by Luca Bravo

The Value we provide

Use your forests to demonstrate your climate pledge and the good your business is doing

Consumers, governments, and other stakeholders are putting pressure on businesses like yours to take climate action. Your forests and your trees are one of the best ways to show this commitment while having an impact that everyone in our community can enjoy.

Image by NOAA

Sign on the planting site

We want everyone to know that your business was responsible for the good of protecting and growing forests. That is why all properties will have a large sign with your logo showing that it was your business taking this action

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Our forests are open to visitors! Let employees explore and see the impact you’ve made.

We want you, your employees and the public to come and visit the forests to get out and enjoy nature. All properties will have hiking trails with easy access to ensure lots of people can enjoy the forests your company helped create.

Image by Juliane Liebermann

No more wondering with 100% Transparency.

Traditional carbon offsetting projects have struggled with unfounded claims about the scale of the impact they were having. By having projects close to your business we can take anyone and show them where every tree that has paid for has actually gone in the ground. This allows you to feel comfortable and assured that you are making a real impact

Image by Ken Shono

Access to our tree tracking software + quarterly updates on the progress of the forest

Every tree that is purchased and planted in the ground is tracked through the custom Climatech Dashboard. This software allows you to see the location on a map of every single tree and get insight into the health and growth rates of each tree

Aerial Forest Shot
Image by Patricia Coroi

Let's Start Planting!

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