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Who We Are

Founded in New Brunswick in 2021, ClimaTech Innovations was born in the front seat of a pickup truck as we drove through the woods chatting about ideas of how we can be leveraging our local forests to help make a difference in fighting climate change. That conversation lit a spark that we couldn’t tame, and has since grown into what we believe to be a unique solution for climate action that makes so much sense.

We both have grown up,lived in and worked in southern New Brunswick our whole lives, we know this area and we know these woods. We are both, passionate about the outdoors and getting in touch with nature.Climatech is our way to do the right thing for our local forests, our communities and the environment as a whole. 

Image by Justin Hu
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Dylan Hubble

Co-Founder, Co-Ceo

Dylan Hubble is a recent graduate of the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor’s of Computer Science and a focus on GIS and Economics. He has worked in the forestry technology industry for approximately 4 years, specializing in emerging technologies and process improvement. Dylan has applied his experience with a wide variety of tools including remote sensing and machine learning to enhance forest inventories and develop mobile applications to monitor forestry equipment. 

  • Experience in and studied using GIS for forestry applications and property management. 

  • Experience with LIDAR processing and modeling for single tree species identification from point clouds using R and Python.

  • Experience identifying disturbances in the forest through change detection methodology using satellite images.

  • Wide range of connections at the local university, local landowners and entrepreneurial space in New Brunswick.

In his spare time Dylan is an avid hiker and runs an Instagram page focused on unique and interesting places hidden in the woods of New Brunswick. As well he sails competitively across Canada.

Dylan has focused his career and studies around applying technology in the forestry sector and is happy to be a co-founder of ClimaTech Innovations to further this pursuit and passion.


Brian Williams

Co-Founder, Co-Ceo

Brian Williams graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor’s of Science in Forestry and Environmental Management degree in 1999. Since then, Brian has worked in the forest industry with a local forest products company. Holding various roles in his career, Brian has experience in: 

  • silviculture operations

  • forest management plan development

  • operations planning

  • transportation operations oversight 

  • harvesting operations oversight

  • development of company wide best practices

Brian also has training as a Six Sigma Black Belt in continuous improvement. In his current role Brian is responsible for the development and implementation of company wide initiatives to leverage technology and drive improvement in the operation. 

In his spare time Brian enjoys hiking trips with his family, and spending time at ‘the lake’. Also, Brian has been an active volunteer firefighter in his community for over 12 years. 

Over the past 20 years Brian has made many contacts in the forest industry across New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. He has created lasting relationships with contractors, Provincial foresters, industry foresters, and private landowners in the Provinces. Brian is a Registered Professional Forester in the Province of New Brunswick. 

Given his experience in developing and implementing numerous projects, along with his practical experience and knowledge about forest yields and forest management in Eastern Canada, Brian is well prepared for helping ClimaTech Innovations be effective in the development of carbon offset projects in New Brunswick.

Image by Matt Dodd

Our Values

ClimaTech exists to help the transition to a greener world and to make the Maritimes a global leader in the green economy. Local Action. Global Impact.

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