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Image by Matt Dodd

Our Values

ClimaTech exists to help the transition to a greener world and to make the Maritimes a global leader in the green economy. Local Action. Global Impact.

We will keep our promises and work hard to earn the trust of our partners, customers, neighbours, and the general public.

We are going to take immediate action because we know what needs to be done and we are not going to wait around for rules to change.

We will  strive to continually improve for our communities, our neighbours, our customers, and our environment.

We are committed to transparency in an industry that sometimes seems fuzzy. We will answer all your questions and be like an open book to help everyone understand climate action and how we do things here.

Image by Deric
Image by Kaitlin Muro

What we Believe

The Maritimes are uniquely positioned to become a leader in the green future. We are blessed with lush forests and lots of opportunities for more. We believe in making it easier and more straightforward for companies to be part of the solution.

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